Peer Community In

Project Management, Wordpress Fixer

"Peer Community In..." is a non-profit scientific organisation that aims to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending, for free, unpublished preprints in their field. This revolutionises the otherwise problematic field of scientific publishing. The organisation wants to provide a different approach of scientific publishing than the established one. Currently, the process of scientific publishing is hampered by intransparency, tardiness, and fees. PCI aims to counter these short-comings by providing a platform for transparent and quick peer review processes which are free of charge.

This international project is very special to me in two regards: First, I endorse its attempt to revolutionise scientific publishing and I am thrilled to have a science-linked project to work on again. Secondly, this is my first project that I lead as project manager. The communication with the French PCI team was great and very cordial. I enjoyed every bit of it, although I seriously do not enjoy working with WordPress (I didn't create the WP page, but had to do the development work every time that WP came to its boundaries - which is often).