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HTML/CSS/JS, Django, Web2py, NodeJS, VueJS
Chances are that this brought you here. I am a web developer since 2011 and am fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are interested in more sophisticated solutions for your project, I can offer you solutions on the basis of the web frameworks Django (Python-based), web2py (Python-based), Express (NodeJS-based), and VueJS (JavaScript). These are the tools and frameworks I preferably use when having the choice. If you prefer other frameworks, I am always open to suggestions for new technologies.


Python, JavaScript
Stemming from years of academia, I have been developing scientific software since 2012. These software tools were usually implemented in Python, while I built the corresponding web applications in either Python-based web frameworks (web2py, Django) or JS-based frameworks (nodeJS, Express, Vue). I follow the Github workflow and code documentation is a must for me, just like adhering to coding standards.


English <-> German
In nearly a decade of academic employment, I grew fluent in written and spoken English. I proof-read numerous Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Theses and was always considered a corrector with a much-dreaded red pencil. Furthermore, I was able to publish nine (and counting) academic works in peer-reviewed journals, further contributing not only to my academic skills, but also to those in written English. You can check my scientific footprint on my Google Scholar Page. Currently I am working on translating texts from the area of climate science communication, e.g. the The Consensus Handbook and the Conspiracy Theory Handbook).